Holistic Business Marketing

Lisa Witter, MA owner of Holistic Marketing, helps psychotherapists, holistic coaches and psychic/energy healers, across the US and Canada with business coaching tailored to your exact needs to align your purpose and business success.

Offering creative and practical strength-focused solutions for your business.

Email me: lisa@holisticbusinessmarketing.com for a free consultation.

How will you help my business succeed?

There are many aspects to business success. This is why my marketing approach is holistic. I will help you in these areas: 

Holistic Marketing Offerings

I am an expert in designing websites and helping them get lots of free traffic from Google through optimized pages. It's amazing what a few changes can do to zoom your website ahead of the others. Also, as an intuitive and business coach, I can help you uncover any energetic blocks on your path to success.

Lisa is able to listen and understand the unique needs of small businesses based on values, not just profit, but does strive to help the bottom line!

I want my work to be meaningful, so I love helping people who offer great services and products in benefit of people, animals and the earth. 

Holistic Business Marketing is unique because I know small, values driven businesses from experience. Since graduating from college with my BA in Marketing, all my work has been with non-profit organizations, private practice owners and small businesses.  Clear, honest communication is a value I hold, strengthened by my graduate studies at Naropa University in Psychotherapy.

Just released- "WordPress How To Video Tutorial" for coaches, healers and therapists. Right brain style of tutorials with detailed, step by step instructions. Fun and EASY. Have a unique, beautiful website for your business in just one day. Click on the link above for more info.

Services Offered

Serving small businesses and helping them help the world. 

Great Info:

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Helping You Help The World

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Unique Features I Offer:

Each session unique based on YOU

Helping you feel fulfilled & passionate about business

An ability to make marketing fun


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